Kettering Aikikai

Kettering Aikikai is a club practising Aikido in England. Aikido is a non-aggressive, non-competitive martial art that aims to offer individuals the opportunity to explore themselves and how they connect with others through the practice of a self-defence system.

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Journeys — The stories of how people discover aikido vary endlessly, along with what they find in it, why they continue, why they stop. Their aikido is a journey which has many stages, with periods or places when practice is of great beauty and milestones when learning falls into place (pun unintentional!) along with deviations from the path, voluntary or involuntary.

Reflections — Aikido is an art that may be philosophical and spiritual as much as physical and many aikidoka continually reflect on their learning and their paths, find new insights, and revise views and feelings or ways as they progress. Practice offers endless opportunities for exploration of the self, the way we respond and interact, chances to develop and to extend principles of aikido beyond the mat.

Insights — Kettering Aikikai is Bob Sherrington’s club — he usually ends practice with a comment that sums up the essence of that day’s session.

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