Internal demons

“Budo training, to me, is ultimately about facing those monsters inside. It has been, for me, support, therapy, healing, exploration, education, entertainment and (quite probably) salvation. It has been agonizing, it has been glorious. It has torn me to pieces and left me shattered and has given me tools to make myself stronger, better, happier, more compassionate.

“We owe it to those who have gone before, to those who teach us now, to our training partners and juniors to continue practicing, to continue growing, to continue using the tolls budo offers to become better students and teachers. Every lesson, whether its the joy of flying across the mat or the utter despair over having hurt a training partner is precious.

“If you decide to quit training, do it because you have ceased to love the art, not because you fear your internal demons. Those damned beasties are a blessing in disguise. They offer up the chance to polish our spirits, make keener the blade of the soul.

“And you might as well face them and tame them here and now, because ultimately, as the bikerdude in Road Warrior said: “You can run, but you can’t hide …”.”

Chuck Gordon