A Quieting Influence – How I Came to Aikido

I had wanted to try a martial art with growing interest for years, but  was at a loss as to which one would suit me best, Karate? Judo? Taekwondo? The list was endless, and why did I want a Martial Art in the first place? After a three year think and ponder I knew that I really didn’t want to be drilling up and down a mat, getting kicked round the chops, doing endless pushups on my knuckles or breaking lumps of rock with my FISTS OF STEEEEEEEEL.

By the time I felt ready to take up a Martial Art (add another two years) I had discovered my universe seemed to operate on an economy of subtlety, grace and serendipity, with the right energies directed to the right places fantastic results could be readily observed. I also discovered that what I mostly desired was a physical tool to reflect this whilst also serving as an outlet and quieting influence on the boundless madness of my overactive grey matter.

Why start?

  • I needed a physical tool to reflect and feed into my outlook on life.
  • I needed a focus and damping valve for my mind.
  • Serendipity threw me into new employment in a new town and brought a chance conversation with a colleague:

“I’ve been thinking about Martial Arts for awhile…”
“Have you thought about Aikido?”…
“?”…”What’s that?”
“Ahhhh… come along Wednesday and check it out.”

  • Because everything’s worth a shot once…… Except the Cyanide kids!

Dave Saunders

Chaucer did aikido?

The lyf so short, the crafte so longe to lerne, Th’assay so harde, so sharpe the conquerynge… – Chaucer

Well, it wasn’t invented in his day (1382) but he obviously knew its essence!

Aikido is the movement of hara

Aikido is expressed through the movement of hara, but we focus on hands and feet to the extent that they block that movement —  they get in the way.  Forget the limbs, move the centre.