Hara in our hands

We lead uke by bringing his hara into our hands.

So Much Fun

My introduction to Aikido was during a self-defence class at Police Training College. I didn’t know it then, but the instructor, Brian Eustace, was a 7th Dan acknowledged Tomiki-style Aikido expert, and somebody I was to train with at length many years later. The seed was sown, although it lay dormant for some years until I discovered an active club right on my doorstep.

I was hooked!

Martin Gowling’s expertise, sense of fun and progressive style allowed me to develop skills which I used frequently in my work, gaining control of physically violent situations with confidence and without injury. I trained with other like-minded people from very different backgrounds, all striving to reach different goals and all having the same difficulties…

And it was so much fun!

That was over 25 years ago and my enthusiasm hasn’t waned. I love to practise. I love to throw and be thrown, control and be controlled, to be enlightened and confused, flattened but not bruised. I love to strive for a perfection that’s always just beyond my reach. I love to share these things with other people, and I love to do those things under the gentle direction of Bob Sherrington.

Come and try, we don’t bite (much).

Mark Goff