Missing practice

Missing practice has a pain like no other: a constant nagging that something is wrong in those hours not on the mat; that some gem never to be repeated is at this moment passing me by, never to be known or explored, whether the most fleeting taste or lasting insight. It was there. And I wasn’t.
Ah well, there’s next time. And a different moment.

“… This is not the only place such an opportunity has been
but it was one place
And you weren’t here.”

from Did I Miss Anything by Tom Wayman


2 Responses to “Missing practice”

  1. Paul Bassinder Says:

    …did I miss anything? It’s a bit of a rhetorical question really because I know the answer. That nagging feeling has been with me since my last practise some months ago, and I know it won’t go away until I return. I know I have missed so many gems: the growth and development of the club and so many of my peers; courses and the many paople I never got to train with; and all the potential steps along my own aikido path that have now not occured.

    All that aside; I am where I am and my Aikido journey will continue one day soon and the nagging will dissipate. In place of the nagging I hope to find the pleasure and serenity I once had from each and every oportunity to practice.

  2. David Johnson Says:

    Paul you know where we are on a Wednesday/ Friday
    you are always welcome
    spent 10 years sitting on the fence with work and children and other things and thats why it took me 29 years to get to shodan.
    if you have a chance, do it, what better relese than to be with poeple who you know and trust,confide,relax,destress,enjoy being with.
    Open Mind,Open heart.

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