Stillness in thinking in movement

I may reach zazen in stillness in stillness (not moving) but not yet in stillness in movement. And I realise I don’t yet practise stillness in movement, though I try in aikido.
Then it hit me. Stillness in thinking. Stillness in thinking in movement.
I smiled to myself.
Agh! More practice; nearly an empty cup as they say.

Mickey Bignell


Independent but not separate

Aikido.  I started to train; I found myself looking for a way to centre myself.  To be present in daily life.  Not in a daze or dreaming of the past or future.  To feel the air on skin, to hear the drop of rain, the stillness in movement, the sounds and sights of the world without doubts or illusions of what is enough.  What I have missed because I was not here.  Am I near my goal?  Perhaps it will take a lot more discoveries to get here.  But even just learning and understanding, application or should I say auto application is what I am looking into, though not to forget the introspection.  Aikido is a part of a whole for me, I learn and apply it to many other things and apply many other things to aikido. It is independent but not separate to life as a whole.  I am Here.

Mickey Bignell

Throwing with words

Have you ever walked around, lost your balance and fallen over?
There was no one there to throw you yet you fell?
I think this captures the essence of aikido.
Stand on your toes and lean forward, haha, I just throw you with my words.

Mickey Bignell